On Reading Anthony Trollope — I

I have finally finished reading Anthony Trollope’s Barchester Towers.


Things I have been up to since my last post here — II

It appears that I might be publishing posts like this one here on a regular basis... For some reason, doing something of this sort appeals to me. I tend to disappear for days at end, even weeks, occasionally. This time I have been gone nearly a month. As a result, my blog has grown inactive;… Continue reading Things I have been up to since my last post here — II

At 3 in the Morning

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Places." A red double-decker, A black cab Whizz past her In a dazzling blaze of colour, Honking, clamouring Past the traffic signal On a busy street. Shoved, pushed, By disembodied elbows, And other bodily extremities, Covered in what appear to be Summer coats, jackets, sweaters, In varying… Continue reading At 3 in the Morning

An Update On My Reading Block Problem

Blogging University, Blogging 101 Days 3 and 4, Task for Day 3: Follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs. Task for Day 4: Publish a post you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it. I am incorporating the tasks for both third and fourth… Continue reading An Update On My Reading Block Problem

A New Direction

Blogging University, Blogging 101 Day 2, March 2, 2015 Task: Take Control of Your Title and Tagline For the second daily assignment for the Blogging 101 course, we were asked to come up with a title and a tagline that appealing enough for our readers. More importantly, it should represent what our blog is all… Continue reading A New Direction

Hello to my readers!

Blogging University, Blogging 101, Day 1 Task: Introduce Yourself to the World As my readers would have noticed, I do not post as often as a experienced blogger would. I could give you so many excuses for not updating my blog regularly, but I won’t. This is because all of them come down to the same… Continue reading Hello to my readers!

On Reading and Readers’ Block

The last time I wrote here, I was overcome with writers’ block. This time, it is the opposite situation. I can churn out a minimum of 300 words and up to 500-1,000 words of writing, expressive or otherwise, in a single sitting these days, which is brilliant. But, it is taking me more than one… Continue reading On Reading and Readers’ Block

On reading my first novel by Anaïs Nin: A Spy in the House of Love

A friend had lent the book to me in a rather poor condition. I first looked at the cover, read the title and the author’s name. Then, I flipped the pages; there was a tear that ran across the middle of the page about half way down to the bindings. My friend wanted to tell… Continue reading On reading my first novel by Anaïs Nin: A Spy in the House of Love

On Writing and Writers’ Block

Disclaimer: This blog is entirely my own work and is not intended — in any context, sense, or by any definition or meaning — to be a duplication of my blog detailing my experiences with the National Novel Writing Month 2014 that I wrote for and published on the Desi Writers’ Lounge (DWL) blog. The piece I… Continue reading On Writing and Writers’ Block