About me

Me, at an art exhibition.  Photo courtesy: Jamal Ashiqain
Me, at an art exhibition.
Photo courtesy: Jamal Ashiqain


My name is Soonha Abro, a Literature graduate from University of Kent at Canterbury, United Kingdom. I reside in Karachi, Pakistan, where I also spent my childhood.

I am an editor at Oxford University Press, Pakistan. Apart from my day job, I read, write, as well as volunteer at PeaceNiche and its flagship project, T2F, where I help out at events and working on various projects. I also write reviews for Books & Authors.

I speak three languages: English, Urdu, and Sindhi. My language of expression is English, also my language of education. But, I have a deep connection with both Urdu and Sindhi, due to the fact that both my parents are writers who express themselves in these two languages. Sindhi is my mother tongue, which we speak at home.

Some of the authors that have influenced me the most are: Katherine Mansfield, Virginia Woolf, T.S. Eliot, Aamer Hussein, and Hanif Kureishi. Some time ago, I discovered Margaret Atwood and Anaïs Nin. And, since then, I have been influenced by P. D. James, Anne Tyler, Kishwar Naheed, Colm Toíbín, Akhlaq Ansari, and Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

I write prose—articles, blogs, and reviews on books, literature, film, story-telling, culture—and short fiction and, occasionally, poetry.

My blog, The Life and Adventures of a Bibliophile, is not just a portfolio of my writings. It is intended to be an account, so to speak, of my journey of discovering the writer within me, as well as creating and developing my creative process.

Happy reading!


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