My Year of Reading Women

Reading Challenge 2017

I have been participating in the Goodreads’ Annual Reading Challenge every year since 2013. Those Reading Challenges are rather basic as they are essentially just reading resolutions each user makes for the New Year. And that’s exactly what I did. Only in the last year or so did I discover more rigorous reading challenges. I attempted one in 2015, and one last year. Unfortunately, I failed to finish either of them.

But for 2017, I have decided to embark on a new reading challenge, which is unlike what I’ve attempted before. It isn’t brand-new, so you can chill.

My Reading Challenge for 2017 *drumroll* is going to be my Year of Reading Women.

That’s not the challenging part, by the way. I have an entire shelf consisting of books by women, about 30 of them. That’s a year’s worth of books.

The challenging part is that I am combining my personal reading challenge with POPSUGAR’s 2017 Reading Challenge.

Mine is simply reading books by women. There is no dearth of them in my home. I have so many books by women, and so do my parents. The challenging bit is to find a book written by a woman for each of the categories given in the 2017 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge. That, and blogging about my experience regularly throughout the year.

I can’t wait to start the challenge properly!

I have set a few guidelines for myself. One of them is that my first choice for each book I read this year will be one written by a woman. Such books must make up at least 90 per cent of my 2017 TBR list. And every month, I’m going to publish at least 2 blog posts, including a monthly overview of the books I read each month. I will be using certain hashtags during the challenge on my blogs and on social media, especially Instagram. See the tags below.


What are your reading resolutions for 2017? Are you participating in a reading challenge? Let me know below.



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