Things I have been up to since my last post here — II

It appears that I might be publishing posts like this one here on a regular basis…

For some reason, doing something of this sort appeals to me. I tend to disappear for days at end, even weeks, occasionally. This time I have been gone nearly a month. As a result, my blog has grown inactive; the web traction I was getting has dissipated entirely.

Hence, I am going to post more posts like this one, telling my readers what I have been doing with myself and my talents, or have not been doing, while not posting on my blog. I also think it might be a good place to start to outline my future plans for blog posts, and also reflect upon the things I said I’d do in my previous posts.

So here goes.

One: I completed a huge freelance editing assignment, which I got paid for this weekend just gone by (yay!). But, I also did two writing assignments during the same month for the Desi Writers’ Lounge’s (DWL) blog. One of them has just been published over the weekend. It is a report of DWL’s meet-up with the renowned British-Pakistani author Aamer Hussein. Bonus: he’s also my favourite author.

Here, you can read the report at:

Let me know what you think!

The other piece I wrote was a book review of November 2014 release A Season for Martyrs by Bina Shah. It is yet to be published.

Apart from these writing assignments, I could only fill the pages and pages of my journal. I haven’t written anything since I wrote that poem last month.

Two: I am now out of work, so I am working on revamping my CV to land some more writing assignments and projects. Even an editing/proofreading assignment would do. This time I want to try out a design-intensive CV format so not only I can come across as a professional, but slightly quirky, writer. Not sure how that will work out in Pakistan; it might just work out with an international client.

Three: I have been reading a lot in the past month. So I think I should review (probably not a traditional one, as they’re already published) them all for my blog.

Also, I watched Interstellar, Into the Woods, The Lunchbox, and several other films. I think I’ll do a review of them all, especially my experience of rewatching a 1994 Scottish mini TV-series Takin’ Over The Asylum. (Psst! For those of you interested, it stars David Tennant).

Four: I still owe you the #shelfie I promised you last month.

Five: It is my pleasure to announce that I’m slowly, painstakingly working up a desire to draw and paint after nearly a decade. Last time I painted was in my O-Level Art class, which I detested because the teacher insisted on teaching us her style of painting instead of enabling us to discover our own styles and voice in terms of technique, material, and colour. I, then, switched to Sociology in Year 10 because I needed to get good marks and she’d screw up my chances of getting anywhere life. (Disclaimer: This is what my 14-year-old self believed, with my 24-year-old surreptitiously nodding in agreement in the corner).

I never touched any Art supplies again, until now when I found an empty sketchbook from 2004, bought some pens that would help me draw in pen and ink, also colour pencils. Now I just need to buy a proper collection of drawing pencils and charcoal pencils. Maybe another sketchbook, too, but I am not sure about that yet.


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