A Writer’s Fresh Start, Or So It Seems

Image courtesy: humansareweird.wordpress.com
Image courtesy: humansareweird.com

For the last ten days, which is when I last posted here, I have been up to so many things that I can’t even tell you what many of them are.

One: I raced against time in attempting to finish an assignment by the deadline. Unfortunately the assignment is not going to be published because I didn’t do very well on it, meaning the work was not of the quality my clients required. In case you don’t know, I work as a full-time freelance writer for various organisations. I am sorry about it, really. But at least I hope to be paid for the work I did put in, which was quite a lot.

Two: We have moved house—two floors up in the same building. We moved into our new flat on this Wednesday, just gone by. Don’t tell me we should have moved a few floors down. Seriously, don’t. At least two people have said that to me in the last two days.

Three: I am so, so, so far behind on my work for the Blogging 101 course I’d taken. I am also very confused about how to convert my blog into my online portfolio. I am, after all, a writer who would like to be published some day. I also need to figure out stuff like widgets and all that. Would ask on the Commons area for help and advice, but I can barely concentrate on anything else right now except the new house and my work.

Four: First night in the new flat, in my new bedroom, which has the same coloured walls but doesn’t resemble my old bedroom in any way. It was a bit nerve-wracking. I had lived in my old house for about 8 ½ years. My sister and I grew up there. We literally became a different person in our own ways, while living in our old flat. We reached all our biggest milestones there, starting from my 16th and her 13th birthdays to my going away to university and other such things. Huge, isn’t it?

Five: I love my new bedroom. Its walls are a soft blue colour, with blue and white curtains. Open one of the built-in-the-wall closets, and you’ll see my neatly racked books. The other one is supposed to hold my clothes, but I haven’t sorted it out yet. I’m really busy working on something of huge, vital importance. (Extra adjectives are just there to show how important it is).

Six: I am now going to turn my room into my writing haven. I am going to write all those stories that I have planned. I’m going to plan my novel, even. I will make sure this blog gets better; in fact, one of the best out there. Dad’s converted one terrace into his painting studio. Maybe I’ll even take up painting again. Things I must do in the next week:

  1. Borrow Dad’s camera
  2. Take a #shelfie – and, a photo of my new bookshelves
  3. Also take a picture of my desk (must have my cup of coffee on it, too)

Once I’ve unpacked and put away everything (got many more books in the old flat—must get them too), then I will take a nice photo of my entire room. And, post it here, of course I will. I need to have more images on here, so my blog is a bit more visually appealing than it was before.


5 thoughts on “A Writer’s Fresh Start, Or So It Seems

      1. Thanks! It’s nice to have solidarity. But even if you have to take a break for a week or two or something, don’t stop writing 🙂

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  1. Just take it slowly until it becomes clear what the purpose of this blog is. I like to write fiction and short stories and have written one novel and partly written another but got too busy with life to be able to continue the novel, so the blog is my place to keep writing regularly, without the expectation of publishing – except that it is being published, it is a place to develop your writing voice.

    For me, I decided to review books on the blog as that was something different to all my other activities, but if you are a reviewer that might not be what you want to do. The main thing is, that for me it took quite a few months before I realised what I was going to do on my blog. Just keep asking the question and when things quiet down a bit, the answer will come. It is in you already, it’s just a bit busy on the surface for now. Have faith! You are doing the right thing. 🙂


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