A New Direction

Blogging University, Blogging 101

Day 2, March 2, 2015

Task: Take Control of Your Title and Tagline

For the second daily assignment for the Blogging 101 course, we were asked to come up with a title and a tagline that appealing enough for our readers. More importantly, it should represent what our blog is all about, what inspires us as the person behind the blog.

I had already selected my title, ‘The Life and Adventures of a Bibliophile’, about a year or so ago, inspired by another WordPress blogger. I am quite happy with it, although I do wonder whether the Adventure bit fits me and my blog or not. In any case, it still represents me so it works well in that sense.

I have just added a tagline, in an attempt to complete the assignment properly. It says: ‘A Love of Language Put Into Words’.

I must confess that I had never thought of this before, never thought of my blog in this manner.

I would only like to say that having added what seems to me like a perfect tagline (feedback is very welcome, by the way) I can now understand what Day 2’s task intended to achieve.

Suddenly, my blog is growing in a whole different direction from what I had first anticipated. It makes me excited about the next few weeks on this course, the rest of the year that I will spend blogging.

I can now perceive a proper direction in which I can take my blog throughout 2015, achieving my goals for this year and my dreams, too.


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