Hello to my readers!

Blogging University, Blogging 101, Day 1

Task: Introduce Yourself to the World

As my readers would have noticed, I do not post as often as a experienced blogger would. I could give you so many excuses for not updating my blog regularly, but I won’t. This is because all of them come down to the same reasons that other aspiring writers would give: laziness, self-doubt, no inspiration, little or no time to actually work on the ideas I do have for my blog, and no self-discipline.

Then I heard about a Blogging 101 course that takes place on WordPress.com, I decided to go for it, even though I have lots of other work to do, work that will either give me remuneration or help to build up my CV to succeed in the Writing and Editing industry. I will get nothing ‘substantial’ out of it, except for the fact that I will be able to build up a blogging habit, as well as a more discipline approach to writing in general.

So here I am, on my first day of the Blogging 101 course at the Blogging University writing my first assignment, which is this particular post. This post is an introduction to me as a writer, a reader, an editor, and as a person. It is an introduction to my blog, and my expectations and aspirations for it.

What my blog is about?

The Life and Adventures of a Bibliophile is all about a person, me, whose life revolves around books, reading, the study of Literature, and all other literary activities that take place around her. I am a 24-year-old Literature graduate who wants to spend her life reading and writing, and do some editing and teaching as that can help pay the bills.

I like to write about books, culture, writing, and creativity in general.

I write about the books I am currently reading, in an attempt to chart my reading progress so I can become a better reader.

I have written an essay on a Bollywood adaptation (Goliyon Ki Raasleela: Ram-leela, 2013) of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, comparing the film and the play to write about why I liked the film better than the play itself. I really enjoyed the whole process of writing the essay. This is something I want to continue writing about, especially comparing a literary text with a film or a television show. I have some vague plans to write a number of similar critical pieces in future.

Through my blog, I would like to reach out to the readers, the writers across the globe, of diverse backgrounds and interests; basically, anyone who has the same interests and hobbies as myself.

Most of all, I want to use my blog to showcase my skills and achievements as a reader, a writer, and an editor (because that job pays more than the other two).

My journey as a blogger:

I first started blogging sometime in 2009, yearning to write about the various things I had seen and felt and share it with people, something like a journal that wasn’t personal at all. You can view my first blog here: http://sabrosworld.blogspot.com/. I was as sporadic a blogger as I am now. My last post on that blog was in August 2012. Then I just stopped using it.

I later made a blog on Tumblr, originally meant to be a book blog, inspired by the myriad of such blogs I have seen on that website. Last year, in 2014, I began to use it as a professional blog. But then I decided to move it to WordPress in December 2014. Why? Because a Tumblr blog would not get me as much web traffic as I would like, mainly due to the fact you need to sign up to Tumblr to follow someone’s blog. By this point, I knew that WordPress allows you to sign up through email so you get regular newsletters or emails when there is a new post. I thought it would help me get more views, so I switched over. But I was still not a regular blogger, which, I now know, is actually what gets us more web traffic.

Blogging goals for 2015:

I believe I have grown as a person ever since I started blogging. Let me also take the opportunity to say that blogging has not had a great influence on my personal growth, as it should have. But it is a fact that I am a different person now and want to use my blog to achieve certain goals in my life and career.

But I will take this process slowly, step-by-step, bit by bit.

These are goals I would like to achieve as a blogger in 2015:

  1. Build a blogging habit.
  2. Develop the self-discipline that is required to become a good writer.
  3. Ensure that I do become a better reader by monitoring my reading progress throughout 2015.
  4. Increase engagement with my readers.
  5. Try to engage with a wider audience.

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