Rest in peace, dear Seerat

Five months ago, one of my nieces passed away in a car accident which took place as we were returning from a wedding party. Back then, another niece who I was very close to kept weeping inconsolably and said that she doesn’t want to live either, how can God just end a life at 10 years of age. I scolded her then, so did my sister. Now after all those months she has left us too.

And what she die of? A stupid metal rod that was holding up the swing in her neighbour’s house fell on her and she suffered a blunt trauma injury to her abdomen, particularly her liver which sustained about 65% damage. She was in and out of the ICU for the last 2 weeks or so; she had to have 35 bottles of B- blood transfused into her; her kidneys stopped working so she had to have dialysis too. But nothing worked. Nothing worked despite all of us hoping against all odds, praying like it’s never been done before. And now another baby of my family has left us today.

My little niece, the one we hung out with on every family occasion. The biggest bundle of joy to everyone in the family: her parents, her sister and brother, her aunts, cousins, my sister, and mother and I. She’s gone now. It’s unbelievable.

All I’d wished for was one chance to make her promise me that she’ll never ask for death again, never wish it on her family, on us. But that didn’t happen and God’s taken her from us.

Too soon, God, too soon.


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